QuestComplete 1.0.1 (Download here)
World of Warcraft Mod (1.8 compliant)

Author: Eddie Fast (Gnite on Kilrogg) -

Do you love doing quests in WoW?
Do you do quests even when you don’t need the loot or the xp?
Do you do grey quests just so that you can say that you’ve done every quest this character can do?

Then this mod is for you.

QuestComplete attempts to keep track of every quest you do, and tell you the percentage of quests that you’ve completed compared to the total quests in the game that you are able to do.


- Go to and install the MySQL database connector (If you are using the default quest database).
- Download and unzip QuestComplete into your World of Warcraft Addons directory (\Interface\Addons\).
- Launch \Interface\Addons\QuestComplete\QuestComplete.exe
- Launch WoW and make sure the Addon is activated.
- Complete a quest with your character
- Reload the UI (/console reloadui)
- Alt-Tab to QuestComplete.exe and see if the quest has been recorded (you may have to click the ‘Re-Watch Files’ button the first time you run it)


Database Structure