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I tried out Google Reader when it first came out and there were too many usability issues that didn’t quite match the way I read feeds. So I went back to Newsgator Online and happily went along doing my thing.

Then I found out about Google Reader shared links and I thought I’d give it another chance. It’s improved quite a bit. The only gripe I have is Google’s insistence on marking old posts as “read” just because they’re old. The obsessive compulsive in me *hates* that. “Don’t mark that post read until *I* tell you to mark it being read”.

It’s part of the bigger problem of online feed readers in general. There’s no personal storage. I want it to archive everything I’ve subscribed to, and then be able to search on it.

Of course, I could always use an offline reader that does this, but with all the different computers I use on a daily basis, there’s no way.

Anyways, if you use Google Reader, I’ve made my google shared links available for subscription. Link is on my webpage in the Links section, or use this link. Or, if you add me as a google contact, it somehow magically appears in your Friends section.

This is a whole lot simpler than writing a blog post everytime I find a neat link I want to share.

7 Responses to “Google Reader”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I went to college with you. If you know Kevin and John, then you are the same person. It looks like you in the pictures. WOW! I kind of though your name rang a bell, but I didn’t think it would really be you!

  2. Palmitas says:

    If my “name” rings a bell and you know Kevin and John, then you must be the same person I’m thinking of. I think we went to the same school and even lived in the same “dorm” briefly. It’s a small after all! I think?!

  3. FastEddie says:

    Ya, it’s me, you found me!

  4. Palmitas says:

    Alright, Eddie. Nice to have found you. What are Kevin and John up to? Did they graduate? I can’t believe anyone of us made it out of there. :)

  5. FastEddie says:

    Join up on Facebook, we’re all on there

  6. Palmitas says:

    Alot easier said than done! I only found John on there, and I’m only half sure of that. I think I found Kevin, and not even sure if the one I thought is you, well,….is you. Or not. I’m not too familiar with facebook, but it looks like you guys aren’t on the main search directory. When I put it your first and last names, you don’t show up. Any other suggestions?

  7. john says:

    who the eff is palmitas? i don’t have any poly alum on my buddy list, so if you found me you forgot to click ’send friend request’. profile pic = me w/ a baby in a backpack. now my curiosity has been piqued.

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