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Windows 7

Monday, October 13th, 2008

My conspiracy theory was wrong.

The official name of Windows 7 is… Windows 7. How original. But it makes sense.

- Vista 2? No way, they want to steer as far as possible from anything called Vista. Remember when Windows 95 came out and everything was named 95? That’s not going to happen with Vista. You’ll never see another product with that name… ever. Although I thought it would be nifty if they bought Yahoo, and stuck the AltaVista name on an OS.

- Bet on a new moniker? Well, they spent enough money trying to build a brand around one name. I’m sure they didn’t want two failed names in a row. Betting on a number is nice and safe.

- I wonder how much Intel’s naming of the i7 chip played into this. I mentioned a while back that the Nehalem is the chip to get whenever it comes out. I wonder if the old Wintel partnership is getting back into gear. That relationship has been on rocky ground the last few years, so it will be interesting to see if there’s going to be a dual marketing effort based on the names. “Windows 7 only runs great on Core i7″ Of course, that’s just the conspiracy theorist in me coming out again.

Yes, I know this is 2 posts in one day. Judging by my past performance I can safely say that this isn’t a schedule that I can maintain.

Windows PR

Monday, October 13th, 2008

In the wake of the Vista disaster, Microsoft is doing quite a bit of PR to try and drum up support for their Next Big Thing.

On the more technical side, the Engineering Windows 7 blog delves into complex / controversial topics to try and justify the reasons why they did the things they did, and some of the decisions they are going to make regarding the next version of Windows.

It really is a marketing site for the geek audience, but it has some interesting insights. Particularly regarding their use of user statistics from their Windows Feedback program (that I remember getting some product free from them a while back). But regardless of the freebies they offered, the user data is pretty cool, from a geek perspective.