10 is the new 6

One of the sessions for this year’s PDC is called:

Microsoft Visual C++: 10 Is the New 6

I love it. I’ve mentioned before that many C++ developers feel that Visual Studio 6 (released over 10 years ago!) was the last great IDE put out by Microsoft. When Visual Studio 7 came out, it just felt like Microsoft was pushing .NET, the Web, and Visual Basic into one product, and “oh ya, we included a C++ compiler too”.

We kept waiting for improvements on the IDE side for C++ devs. Visual Studio 8 (2005), nothing. Visual Studio 9 (2008), nothing. We kept shouting, “Make it more like Visual Studio 6! Give us Visual Studio 6 with the new compiler! Why does hitting F1 take us to a Visual Basic help page??”

Anyways, I think it’s a pretty funny title for this talk. It shows that people are actually listening inside the monolith. Hopefully something can be done about it. Can’t wait to see what’s revealed at the talk.

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