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A reason for the delay?

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Saw an article a few days ago lamenting the delays on certain Dell products.

Shipping “Dell-ays”

It seems to concentrate mostly on delays of Dell’s newest laptop the XPS M1330.  I find it surprising that they don’t even consider that perhaps there are delays on that laptop because it’s so popular?  I mean, from most reviews, the praises can’t come in any higher.  My favorite blogger even bought one.

So…  why complain?  I mean, sure, Dell can’t keep up with demand, but it’s because they actually did something right for once!  Shouldn’t they at least get credit for that?  They came out with a “sub”-notebook with a dedicated video card when the rest of the competition was satisfied with the standard Intel junk.  They further beefed it up with all sorts of bells and whistles that you don’t see unless you get yourself a 17″ lap warmer.

It reminds me of my hunt for a Prius.  No Toyota dealer had them in stock.  There were waiting lists.  There were price gouges.  Everyone wanted one!  What can Toyota do?  They can increase production, but that takes time.  Doesn’t solve the immediate problem.   Irony is, it seems like they over produced because you see ads for Prius’s all the time now, with all sorts of incentives.  Prediction:  You’ll see the same thing for M1330’s in six months.

It’s compiling!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

We were just talking about this.. while our code was compiling…   oh I mean, during lunch.