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The Antivirus slowdown

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Reading articles like Jeff Atwood’s Choosing Anti-Anti-Virus Software really concern me.  The hard drive is slowest main piece in the computer, and it is made so much slower by installing Antivirus and Antispyware.  It’s shocking how much slower they make your computer.

Now, I’m not so bold as to run my systems naked.  I’ve been bit hard just recently.  But I was wondering if things could be made simpler.

If I’m running non-admin, it’s feasible that the antivirus software could ignore many of the viruses it currently scans for.  My current antivirus program says that it’s currently scanning over 70,000 viruses.  And this is every time I open an executable!  I’m willing to bet a large percentage of those viruses can only be effective if the user is running as admin.  For example, overwriting a .dll in the windows directory, or making changes to HKLM.

What if there was a non-admin setting in the antivirus software that ignored these viruses that requires admin?  How much of a speed-up do you think there would be?

I mean, that’s the ideal situation right?  Reducing the number of risks, until there are zero, and we don’t need antivirus software anymore!   (I’m sure that plays right into Symantec’s business strategy…)